We welcome you all today as we gather together for online worship.

December 5th 2021

Call to worship

Prepare the way of the Lord,
make his paths straight.
Every valley shall be filled,
and every mountain and hill be made low;
the crooked will be made straight,
and the rough ways be made smooth.
All people shall see the salvation of God,
and we come now to worship.

Song - Make way make way for the King of Kings

A prayer of adoration

Advent God,
you prepared your people for your coming,
you gave your Word to us through prophets and priests,
through stories told and retold,
through the history of time,
through the written word,
through the spoken word,
but always your word.
As Christmas lights begin to dazzle us,
we know that your glory is way beyond their transfixing power.
Advent God, we adore you,
and we bring ourselves before you just as we are.

Funky Followers talk by Angela

Funky Folowers song -

Song - Beauty for brokenness

Prayers of intercession

As we have lit candles to celebrate Advent and as we have reflected on your words so, Lord God, our thoughts turn now beyond our needs, beyond our pains to those of your children’s, whose cries and anguish trouble and disturb us.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

News seems to surround us piling one tragedy on top of another, the world seems a hard place and our tears are for those whose pain is etched deeply within their being, for those cast out of their own lands, cast adrift from family and friends, thrown into the arms of strangers, some of whom are caring and some who are not.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

For those who trudge through strange lands looking for guidance with hope for a better future, straddling borders, hoping;
for those who have nothing but what they stand in and walk with;
for those who risk life and limb in fragile boats seeking escape from poverty and tragedy but so often finding both and left seeking safety, welcome, warmth and security.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

For the homeless nearer to home who have no walls to shelter them, no place to cocoon them, no safety to protect them, no warmth from the winter weather, no family to support them and little hope for a settled future.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

For those who live with hunger, not just of the spirit, but of the body;
for those families who can’t manage proper meals and nutrition, who eek out the pennies the best they can;
for those who have the courage to seek foodbank help and for those who greet and meet them when they stretch out for the food that is given;
for those who are cold and hungry, not just of body because they can’t afford heating and food, but cold of friendship and the warmth of love.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

For families impacted by Covid and all its ramifications;
for those for whom the illness itself has deprived them of health and well-being, short and long term;
for those who have seen family and friends lose their battles for life and who have not been near at the time of death and those who will have an empty seat at the Christmas table;
for those who are separated by the miles, by country and continent, who have missed so much growing up and growing old;
for those who are fearful of vaccines, those unable to have vaccines, those deprived of vaccines, those who develop and deliver vaccines.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

For countries at war with others and with themselves, where peace is a distant memory and a very distant prospect;
for those who keep the candle of hope burning believing that in the end peace will prevail.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

For those striving earnestly for Climate change to be tackled with care and justice, acknowledging the inter-dependency of nature, of plants and animals, microbes and humans;
for all who seek to quell the needless destruction of our fragile world and who strive for the best that humanity can be;
for those nearer to home feeling the impact of climate change, snow and storms and gales beyond what is expected.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

For those who have never heard the message of Advent hope, who have never encountered the presence of the Christ child, who have never felt their hearts moved by the Christmas story of Emmanuel, God with us.
May their lives be touched by those of us who meet them, whose lives touch ours and ours theirs.

Merciful, caring God
Hear our prayers.

And let our cries come unto you.

Bible reading: Luke 1 : 57 -79

Luke 1 : 57 -79

Sermon by Les Noble

Song - Shepherds watch and wise men wonder

A sending out prayer

May the road we travel be smooth and straight,
every rut filled in, every bump smoothed out,
any diversions easy to navigate,
any obstacles easy to manoeuvre round.
May good companions share our journey,
and may we be voices for good in the world,
a sign of Jesus’ love for all.
We pray in Jesus’ name.

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